The 8 Features of a Rich Life, How Many Do You Possess?

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With a Kind and Good Moral Conduct, There is nothing intolerable for a person. One without Great Virtue and Moral Conduct cannot succeed. These words of advice teaches us to be tolerant. We must be able to bear sufferings, empathize others. Honesty is a blessing, as honesty often lead to respect from others.


Charity is the key value. One must always possess a kind heart so that others look up to them. One must always be kind and do more charitable deeds so that he or she will not feel guilty or scared of anything, not even when evil spirits knock on the door at night.

Keeping Promises

One who does not keep promises cannot do well in anything. The key in maintaining good relationships with people is to keep promises. In ancient times, keeping promises was a very important value. Ancient people kept promises and had trust for each other. If one does not keep promises when facing the society, nobody will want to work with them or network with them, He/She will always be tough to win other’s trust.


“Being Tolerant brings Greatness”. One must have a tolerant heart and be able to tolerate even the most intolerable thing on earth. We must be able to tolerate other’s opinion even if it differs and be even more tolerant with the people that often contradicts us.


Honesty is the foundation of all moral values. Being honest is a virtue. One must not deal with nor befriend another that lacks honesty. “To be able to handle great responsibility shall first derive from having Honesty” as long as one is honest when doing anything, he or she will be able to gain respect and stand proudly.


As long as one is Humble, there is nothing that is unbearable. On the contrary, one who is not modest cannot do great things nor succeed in life. We must be happy to empathize and bear sufferings for others so that we can be more successful in our careers. Modesty is a great value, being modest can gain respect of others around you.


One might not become a noble person, however, one can definitely be an upright person. One must carry an unbiased opinion about things. When faced with problems, one must find solutions himself. Also, one must not twist the truth just for the sake of peace, also, one cannot take side, even if that person is someone close. The truth has to remain the truth and be spoken about.


A successful person is determined. We must have the spirit of Determination, Perseverance and Patience. These are the keys to a successful life and career. If not, one will not achieve success in anything they do. As the saying goes “The dripping water pierces rock” and “Moulding metal into Needles”. It is not impossible, but requires a lot of determination, perseverance and patience.